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Bailey Sweet, St Lawrence, Cortland

We now have picked the Bailey sweets.  For those of you not familiar with them these are my favorite apple.  Sweet and crisp when kept refrigerated they soften quickly at room temperature for those who like a softer apple.   We won’t have them long, so hurry in for them.

We have also started picking St Lawrence and Cortland apples.  The old fashioned St Lawrence is a very good pie apple.  It is also a fair eating apple with flavor reminiscent of a Cortland.  This is the only apple that my Aunt Carol will use to make pies.

We have started picking the regular Cortlands (not the RedCorts for those of you who can tell the difference) and are happy to report that there is NO SHORTAGE of Cortlands this year.  We expect to have Cortlands until April.

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Last chance to Pick Your Own

This weekend will be your last chance to pick your own apples. We will have Macs and Cortlands that you can pick. Price will be $15.00 per half bushel or $30.00 a bushel, plus smaller quantities are available. We are open from 9-6 on Saturday and from 12-6 on Sunday.

While you are at the farm, be sure to check out our Farm Raised Beef and Pork. For Beef we have Ground Beef and some steaks left.  We just got a new shipment of our apple fed pork including Bacon and Jowl Bacon and sausage. Sausage flavors include Breakfast Sausage, Garlic, Hot Italian, and plain Ground Pork with no seasoning.

We also have a good selection of maple syrup still available in Grade A Amber and Dark and Very Dark (formerly known as Grade B).


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We are now picking the Virginia variety of Crabapples.   If you want to make Spiced Crabapple Pickles you ought to get them soon.   For Jelly we have some bright red crabapples right now, but they will not last.

Pick your own is continuing this weekend.  The Macs have a bright red color and are at their peak this week.  Get them before the picking gets scarce.

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Pick Your Own and Maine Apple Sunday

This weekend marks the beginning of our Pick Your Own season, which should last every weekend through September this year. The McIntosh are just starting to ripen and you can pick and choose the reddest apples on the tree. The early Cortland type that we call Red-Cort will also be available to pick.

Pick-your-own prices for 2014 will be: Half peck $5, Peck $9, Half bushel $18.

The cold nights that we have had recently have developed beautiful color on the apples this year. Be sure to bring your camera this weekend for lots of great family pictures in the orchard.

For sale in the stand we still have plenty of Paula Reds which have a good McIntosh flavor and are very crunchy. We will pick a few “Hard Green Macs” for this weekend, but they are mostly only ripe enough for the folks who like a sour apple in one hand and a salt shaker in the other.

This Sunday September 14th is Maine Apple Sunday. Be sure to stop by for a chance to watch the apple sorting and grading machine in action. We intend to make something tasty with apples, perhaps an apple crisp or an apple cake to share with the first customers of the afternoon.

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Must be at least 18 years old AND have reliable transportation. Must be available to work full time Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm, and possible some Saturdays for the next month to six weeks. Must be able to climb a ladder. Apply in person at our store.

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Yes, we have cider!

At long last, the first cider has been pressed. The price will be $5.00 a gallon or $3.00 per half gallon. We will have it at our Farm Stand and at the Farmer’s Markets.

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Paula Reds now ready!

We will be picking some Paula Reds today to satisfy those of you wanting a good McIntosh flavor apple. Paula Reds have a good flavor and good crunch. They are also one of the best keeping early apples. That means they hold their crunch for several weeks when kept refrigerated. Paula Reds also make a good pie- they hold their shape when cooked a little better than later McIntosh.

We still have a good selection of Vegetables: Corn, Broccoli, String Beans, Carrots, Beets, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Cabbage, New Red Potatoes, and More.

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Early Apples are Here!

We have started picking our early apples and the apple barn is open for business.

Opening Sunday 8/24/14 at 9:00 am with Jersey Macs, Yellow Transparent, a few Red Astrachan and High Top Sweets.

Jersey Macs are a nice sweet early apple that is low acid and a good flavor. Despite what you may guess from the name: they are NOT a McIntosh, and they are NOT from New Jersey.

Paula Reds will we ready later this week for those folks that are looking for a “Hard Green McIntosh” kind of flavor.

In the Vegetable Department we have Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Beets, and assorted greens available now, as well as a SALE on String Beans. Green, Yellow, and Purple string beans are one sale for $5 for 5 pounds, and one dollar a pound for any quantities over 5 pounds. That is Half Price – stock up and freeze or can for the winter.

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Ohio Street Farmer’s Market still on for tomorrow!

Ohio Street Farmer’s Market is still on for tomorrow . . . inside the Grange Hall. Come on down and get some fresh veggies and apples, and get out of the weather for awhile!

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Information about Red Astrachan and Yellow Transparent

These are two of the early heirloom varieties that we grow. Click here to learn more about both.

Here is a great article from a Maine orchard about Red Astrachan.

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