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Bangor Winter Farmer’s Market and Dover Cove Marketplace

Just because there is snow and cold doesn’t mean we are in hibernation! We still have lots of apples to sell at our stand on Route 94 in Garland. Plus, cider, maple syrup, a few veggies, pork and beef. Ground beef clearance at our stand, buy 10 pounds of our ground beef for $50.00. That’s a savings of $1.00 per pound off the regular price.

If you can’t make it our stand, we sure to visit us this Sunday, February 1 at the Bangor Winter Farmer’s Market inside the Sea Dog Brewing Company in Bangor from 11 to 1.

Also, we sure to order from the Dover Cove Marketplace by Friday at 7:00 am for Saturday pick up. This is a great resource for all of our Piscataquis County folks. Visit the website by clicking the Dover cove link here.

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End of Year Maple Syrup Clearance event

For a limited time, buy 4 or more half pints of maple syrup, and the price is only $5.00 each! That’s 4 half pints for $20.00!

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Do all your Christmas shopping here

We are still open every day for Christmas shopping. Remember apples, cider , maple syrup, farm raised pork and and beef, and vegetables make great gifts!

Reminder to all of our Bangor customers, we will be at the Seadog Brewing Company this Sunday, December 21 from 11 to 1! We hope to see all of our Ohio Street Farmers Market customers there as well as all our new customers we met two weeks ago.

Reminder to all of our Dover Cove Farmers Market customers that you can visit to place your online order before Friday 7 am for Saturday pick up. If you would like to receive an email to remind you of this deadline, click this link to sign up.

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Bangor Winter Farmer’s Market

Please join us today at the Seadog in Bangor fro m11 to 1 for the First Bangor Winter Farmer’s Market! We hop to see all our Ohio Street Market customers there.

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Last Ohio Street Market of 2014

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 26 will be the last Ohio Street Farmer’s Market of 2014. Come on down to the Bangor Grange Hall and visit us from 2-6 for all of your last minute Thanksgiving shopping.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page. We are one like away from 200 likes!

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We have all of your Thanksgiving supplies here

Only two more Wednesdays left of the Ohio St Market in Bangor! Join us at the Bangor Grange Hall from 2 to 6 tomorrow and again next Wednesday, November 26.

Our farm stand will be open right up to Wednesday, November 26 for all of your Thanksgiving needs. We have cider and all your pie apples including wolf rivers, northern spies, greenings, and mildings plus the traditional Macs and Cortlands. We have great selection of squash, turnip, and rutabaga. We also have a great amount of fresh Maine cranberries for $3.00 a pound from Sugar Hill Cranberries in Columbia.

We will be closed on Thursday, November 27 to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, but re-open for your Black Friday shopping at 9 am on Friday, November 28.

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Coverage at Maine Harvest Festival

Rollins Orchards is featured at the beginning of this Channel 2 segment about the Maine Harvest Festival. You see our apples and our own Andrea Rollins in this segment. Click here to watch it!

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Maine Harvest Festival

This weekend is the Maine Harvest Festival. Is this the third year or the fourth? Who’s counting? We will be there with apples and cider. Stop by and try some different varieties. We will be at the Cross Insurance Center on Saturday from 10 to 6 and Sunday from 10 to 4. If you attended last year, you may have noted the tight quarters. We are in the arena this year so there should be plenty of space. Click here to find out more about the Maine Harvest Festival.

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All the apples are picked!

We scurried about last week picking the last scattered varieties of apples. We now have Northern Spies, Russets, Golden Delicious, Tolman Sweet, Golden Russet, Northwestern Greening, Red Delicious, and Starks.

You don’t have to rush in this week. We had a fairly large crop this year, so we will have apples all winter long, probably into April.

Please be sure to ask if you don’t see what you want on the shelf. With 40 varieties, and 5 sizes of containers, and separating apples into 2 sizes and 2 quality grades that makes a dizzying 800 possible permutations, and we simply don’t have shelf space for that. We especially try to keep our apples fresh by having them packaged and on the shelf for you to buy for only a few days before discarding them for fresher apples, so supposing we did put up 800 bags of apples and we only sold one hundred or so per week that would be a tremendous waste. We are happy to package apples to your order so you get the freshest apples possible.

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Farmer’s Market Season may be winding down, but we are still gearing up!

Thank you, Hermon Farmer’s Market for a great season. See you next year!
Tomorrow marks the final outdoor market for the Dover Cove Farmers’ Market from 9-1! We will have a selection of apples, cider, vegetables, maple syrup and more! We will have our own farm raised pork and beef as well. In digging in the freezer yesterday, we found a small amount of bacon for lucky early customers, in addition to sausage, ribs, ham steak, chops and more! In the beef department, we did locate some T-Bone steak, in addition to our Ground Beef, soup bones and marrow bones!
We look forward to selling our products on the online market Dover Cove Market Place! First pick up will be November 8th!
Even though Farmer’s Market season is winding down, we will still be open for sales at our Farm Stand all winter long, and well into the spring! We have picked over 4000 bushels of apples, so we won’t run out anytime soon! We will be pressing cider all winter as well as long as we have apples to press.
Our vegetables can be found at our store as well including squash, pumpkins, rutabaga, turnip, carrots, beets, cabbage, potatoes and more!
Don’t forget we still have a good selection of our own Maple Syrup, raw local honey, dry beans, eggs and more!
Trick or treat at the store tonight for a free apple!

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