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Frozen cider gone for the season

Cider sold quickly the past few weeks, so sorry to report we are out until the apple grow. Should be only a month or so before we can make more.

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New products this week

Thisweek we have a fresh batch of raw, local honey. Also, rutabaga for $0.50 per pound. We have started getting fresh greens as well – swiss chard and beet greens! Visit us today at the Ohio St. market “Grand opening!”

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Dover Cove Market Tomorrow!

Stop by and see us on your way to or from the Piscataquis Heritage Hot Air Balloon Festival tomorrow! We will be on South Street from 9-1!

Exciting news! Just in, we will have fresh, natural beef – ground beef, steaks, and filet mignon!

Come by and check out our exciting new product out along with our fresh pork offerings, rhubarb, maple syrup, and cider!

We still have a good selection of recipes for rhubarb.Also, tomorrow, pick up some recipes and information on our different cuts of pork that we offer.

Due to low demand for roasts of pork, we will no longer bring these cuts to market except for special requests. We have ham shank, ham butt, loin roasts, smoked shoulders available by special request. Just ask and we will gladly bring it the next time we are at YOUR market!  Contact us using our contact link with any questions.

Other items we will have for tomorrow’s market include farm fresh eggs, raw local honey, and dry beans. Pick up a copy of our informational handout about beans quoted from the grower herself, Patti Qua.  Pretty interesting!

Don’t just drive right by us as you travel too or from the Fairgrounds tomorrow. Stop and check us out and see everything we have to offer!


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At last Hermon Market opens tomorrow!

Despite some confusion, the Hermon Farmer’s Market starts tomorrow from 2-6. We will be there with our own maple syrup, apple fed pork, and rhubarb! We are very excited about the new location at the Danforth’s Shopping Plaza, on the lawn next to Seaboard Federal Credit Union and in front of Hermon True Value. We will also have eggs, raw local honey and an assortment of dry beans.

We are featuring several rhubarb recipes including some for pork and rhubarb together! Come and pick up a copy of these recipes with some pork and rhubarb!

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Ohio Street Market tomorrow!

We will be at the Bangor Grange Hall for the Ohio Street Market from 2-6 tomorrow. We will have cider, maple syrup and rhubarb! Be sure to pick some of our rhubarb recipes! We will also have fresh eggs, raw local honey and an assortment of dry beans! Come on down!


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Recipes for Pork and Rhubarb

To highlight two products that we sell, we are offering tow more recipes today at the market: Pork Chops with Quick Rhubarb Sauce and Roast Pork with Sweet Onion-Rhubarb Sauce. Come on by “The Cove” and pick up some pork chops and rhubarb to try these new recipes!

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Dover Cove Market tomorrow

We are back in Dover Cove tomorrow with cider, maple syrup, rhubarb, and many cuts of pork! Sausage, bacon, and breakfast ham for your morning meal! Plus, we have your dinner grilling needs -ribs, pork chops, pork steak, ham steak and more! Farm fresh for $7.00 per pound!

We often get asked, “What do you do with rhubarb other than make pie?” Tomorrow we will have a couple of recipes for you to try, Strawberry Rhubarb Dump Cake and Rhubarb Custards.  Also, here’s a tip: a pound of rhubarb is about 4 cups cut up!

We will have farm fresh, free range eggs for $3.50 a dozen, plus raw local honey, and an assortment of dry beans!

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Dover Cove Market today rain or shine!

Third day of Dover Cove Farmer’s Market! Come on down from 9 to 1 for our cider, pork, rhubarb and maple syrup! We have a great assortment pork cuts including 3 flavors of sausage, bacon, chops, ribs, pork steak, breakfast, ham steak and roasts! Price is now $7.00 lb. Also we have fresh eggs to sell plus an assortment of dry beans! Varieties include: yellow eye, pea, jacob’s cattle, mirafax and soldier beans. We also have 2 kinds of bean soup mix – regular and minestrone. Each 1 lb package includes a recipe and spices needed to make a pot of soup. Local raw honey and honeycomb, too!

We are here in the rain or shine!

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Opening Day at Ohio Street Farmer’s Market

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is opening day at the Ohio Street Farmer’s Market. We are very excited to be there with cider, maple syrup, and rhubarb. We will also have fresh eggs, raw local honey, and an assortment of dry beans. Hope to see you there!

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Second Day of Dover Cove Market brings rhubarb

On the second day of Dover Cove Market, we will have rhubarb! Also, we will have a good selection of pork, fresh cider, eggs, maple syrup and dry beans. New from the Beanery today, bean soup mix. It is a great day for soup!

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